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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Which rug type is the best to buy?

The best quality rugs are either made from high density machines or are hand woven. Hand-woven or hand-made is the most popular among our valuable customers. These can last up to ten years or more, depending on how frequently they are used. However, if you are interested in purchasing a colored rug, it might be best if you bought one made from synthetic fiber rather than ordinary fiber, as the latter does not turn out to be vivid and bright when colored. 

When purchasing rugs at a physical outlet, make sure the salesperson present on the store is aware of these differences so that he/she can help you choose accordingly.


What is the reason that the hand-made rugs are so special?

Handmade rugs are considered extra special because of the amount of effort involved in creating them – not to mention the authenticity of the material purchased. Each handmade rug has a story to tell, which adds to the total charm of having that particular item decorating your beautiful and dream home with its warmth, charm and attractiveness. Different members of the same family contribute to the creation of one handmade rug, which adds to the persona and qualities.

Collecting handmade rugs is also a leisure pursuit for some people, with traditional pieces being used to decorate almost every kind of room. The strength of handmade rugs usually outlasts machine woven ones, which also adds to their overall charm. Our collection of handmade rugs might be small but it is certainly increasing as we have Indian handmade, New Zealand Wool and cottons rugs at A1 Rugs.   


What size should we buy?

The space should be properly measured before the purchase of rug. Mistakes in measurement may lead to give bed impression and you might not be able to get the satisfaction from the rug you purchased.


How can rug be stopped from slipping?

Different types of rugs can slip on different floors (timber or tiled), depending on how slippery the surface is. Also, you could try to relocate some furniture  like a table on top of your rug to ensure it remains in its position. However, it would be best if you could purchase a good quality, heavier rug that will situate on the ground under most circumstances.


How can rug be stopped from twisting?

Machine woven rugs will twist initially due to the extremely tight packaging in which they come in. Over time, however, this should not be a problem as the rug will spread out and flatten due to the heat. Also, if your furniture is very heavy, and your rug is thin, then this is a possibility. The thicker the rug, the less likely it is to twist as much.

If you cannot move your furniture to another position, the best solution would probably be to place a ply of timber under the rug on top of the carpet, ensuring that the rug is leveled. Generally, the ply is required to be a little bigger than a foot but you can experiment with the size according to your rug.


Why does the rug move on the carpet?

If your rug tends to “move” around on the carpet, and you have no furniture on it, then that is probably because of the number of people that walk over it during the day time or the night time.

Kindly note that, if you have a thin rug on top of a thicker carpet, the rug will continue moving due to the higher amount of pull from the foot fall it receives. Therefore, switch to thicker rug in that situation.


Postage & Shipping

What is the shipping cost?

There is no shipment cost for the customers within Sydney for order over $50. For the customers outside of Sydney, Shipping is very depend on location, product(s) and amout being spent. Maximum shipping cost within Australia is $30 per order