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Privacy Policy

Toran Home Furnishing follows strict rules for managing privacy as held by National Privacy Principles put into practice under the federal Privacy Act 1988. It ensures the confidentiality of data and stringent flow of information making sure that the personal information collected, disclosed, used and stored in accordance.


Following are the policies of privacy which Toran Home Furnishing follows:


Your Private Details

Any form of input or opinion, which may be true or false by individual whose identification can be convincingly assured from given input or opinion are your private details. Private details can be your Full name, contact details which includes email address and phone number, mailing address which is your home/postal address with postcode.


Usage and Revelation of Your Private Details

Provided input of private details by customers will only be utilized for the reason it has been put on the website. Toran Home Furnishing makes sure that federal Privacy Act 1988 is followed in all circumstances regarding usage and revelation of customers private details.

Email address provided by the customers may be used to offer promotional materials to customers when they have registered through website and our valuable customers can unsubscribe from receiving our promotional emails anytime.


Editing Your Private Details

Our valuable customers are required to communicate to Toran Home Furnishing in case of incorrect or when they are updating their contact information so that it may be rectified through reasonable efforts.


Security of Your Private Details

Toran Home Furnishing ensures that customers' given private data is kept secure and protected from any kind of abuse, leak to third party or any loss or damage. If Toran Home Furnishing will no longer be required to keep your details, it will make sure that your private details are destroyed maintaining your confidentiality.


Alterations in Toran Home Furnishing's Privacy Terms

Toran Home Furnishing reserves the right to revise policies, when necessary, without prior notice, however customers will be informed about the changes through the revised policies posted on our website.Toran Home Furnishing take no responsibility for any liabiliaty may occur by such change(s)